Become a Vendor!

Are you interested in becoming a vendor at the Brookside Village Farmers Market? We are currently accepting vendors for food products including produce, meat, eggs, dairy, herbs & flowers, and value-added food products (such as jams/jellies, pickles, etc).  Our goal is to support local agriculture and benefit the community. The market’s predominant product emphasis will be on locally-produced agricultural products with priority given to Brookside Village residents. Vendor fee is $25 / month. Please note that we currently have a waiting list for certain products, including all varieties of sweets and body care products (soap, lotions, etc.).

We love to host Musicians and Food Trucks at the market. If you’re interested in applying to play music or bring your food truck, please select the application on the right.

In December, we will host a holiday market that will feature local, handmade crafts in addition to our regular food vendors. Craft vendors can use the same application – make sure to select those answers that apply to the Dec. 11th market.

If you would like to apply to vend at the market, please make sure you first:

Calling Backyard Gardeners!

If you have an abundant backyard garden, but you’re not quite ready to jump in as a full vendor – we have space for you, too! Each market will have a Gardener’s Corner with a limited number of seats for neighbors to come to sell their extra bounty. Please note that these seats are available only for the sale of produce, for individuals that do not have an established food business, and are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Spots can be reserved up to 1 week in advance of the market date and priority will be given to Brookside Village residents. Gardener’s Corner fee is $10 / month.

Vendor Resources

State Regulations for Farmer’s Market Vendors

There are both State and Country regulations for vending at farmer’s markets. Learn about state regulations on the Department of State Health Services website.

Brazoria County Environmental Health Dept

The Environmental Health Deptarment regulates permits for food establishments and temporary food establishments in Brazoria County.

Cottage Food Laws

The Cottage Food Law in Texas was updated in Sept. of 2019 to make it easier for the Cottage Food industry. There are no permits, licenses, or inspections required to start a cottage food business. There are rules, food handling license regulations, and labeling requirements. Read more about the Texas Cottage Food Law.

Insurance Requirements

Vendors are required to carry their own liability insurance in order to vend at the market. Food Liability Insurance can be obtained through FLIP – Food Liability Insurance Program.

Food Handler Permits

Cottage Food operators are required to have a valid Food Handler’s Permit, which can be obtained via an online course for as little as $7.99. You can view a list of accredited Food Handler Permit vendors on the DSHS website.

Temporary Food Establishment Permits & Potentially Hazardous Foods

A Temporary Food Establishment Permit is required to sell any Potentially Hazardous Food/Time Temperature Controlled Substance (PHF/TCS) at a farmers market. A potentially hazardous food (PHF) is a food that requires time and temperature control to limit pathogen growth or toxin production. In other words, potentially hazardous food must be held under proper temperature controls, such as refrigeration to prevent the growth of bacteria that may cause human illness. A PHF/TCS is a food that: contains protein, moisture (water activity greater than 0.85), and is neutral to slightly acidic (pH between 4.6 -7.5). A link to apply for a Temporary Food Establishment Permit for Brazoria County is linked in the Brazoria County section, above.

Local Food, Farm, & Ranch Legislation

If you are a farmer, rancher, or proponent of local food systems, consider supporting the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA), which promotes common sense policies for local, diversified agricultural systems and advocates for independent farmers at a state and national level.